Three Simple Guidelines That You Should Follow When Registering a Domain Name

Registering a Domain Name

A lot of people don’t understand the importance of a domain name and just what it does for their websites, and that is a huge mistake. It is absolutely worth it to take some time and put actual effort and thought into your domain name since it is the first impression that your customers get, it affects your SEO and it also pretty much defines your brand, since your domain name can be the perfect branding opportunity and the right domain name can increase your brands recognition. So if you are struggling, here are three guidelines that can help you when registering your domain name.

  1. Go for brandable over a name that is generic

Do you know the difference between and Probably not, and no one can blame you since they are incredibly generic domain names and have no meaning. You will hardly hear anyone talking about and all the variants of the word insurance will increase the competition and make it blend in with all the other domain names even more. That is why, when you are registering your domain name, it is important that you go for a brand-able name that will stand out from the competition and is unique. You can do this by using existing words that fit your brand or even making up your own words that are catchy, and also feel free to use a domain name generator as well.

  1. Make it easy to type

If you think of some of the most popular websites out there that most people use on the daily, what comes to mind are sites like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, CNN and so on, and the one thing all of these have in common is that they are really easy to spell. When registering your domain name, you should go for a name that your visitors can type with ease. To figure out is a domain name is difficult to type, look at it this way: if you see that you need to explain the spelling of your domain name more than once for it to be understood, then give up on it since it’s too complicated.

  1. Keywords can be helpful

Keywords are an area with which you need to be careful with since it can be a tricky one. Although keywords can improve you overall SEO, you need to trade carefully since if you try to put the keyword in an awkward and unnatural way, the domain name you are registering can come across as generic, which as we said before, is not something you want if you are striving towards a successful website. If you do choose to use keywords, our advice would be to put them at the beginning of your domain name, since that’s where they’ll be the most beneficial for your SEO ranking.

When following these tips, also remember that whichever name you decide to register, it needs to be one that compliments your business and helps it improve rather than one that can potentially ruin your business. And as little bonus tip, if you are considering of starting a blog or a personal website, don’t hesitate to use your own name as the domain name since it will make it even more recognizable.


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