These Domain Name Generators are The Secret to Our Effortless Domain Name Registration This Year

Domain Name Generators are The Secret

There are almost 335 million domain names out there that have already been registered, and studies show that those registration rates are growing every day. So with all of this said, it is pretty clear why it can be very difficult for you to come up with a domain name that is unique, catchy and perfectly represents your business. So to help you out, we’ve put together three of the best domain name generators for you to use in the search of the perfect domain name for your website.

Bust a Name

This domain name generator lets you input your own keywords and after you do that, the site has a tool that lets you check different domain extensions, prefixes, suffixes, punctuation and spelling. Another option that you have this domain name generator gives you is it lets you customize your search by letting you look for domains that start or end with a certain word and once you have decided on a domain name, the site gives you 11 different ways for you to buy the name that you have chosen.

Lean Domain Search

This domain name generator is one that has been acquired by the WordPress parent company Automattic. Lea Domain Search turns up hundreds of thousands of .com domains that are available and it does that after you have done a keyword search. Something special that this generator does is it lets you check if the name if available on Twitter as well as enabling you to register the name you have chosen via WordPress, Bluehost, GoDaddy and a bunch of other hosts.


The special thing about this domain name generator is that the generator itself breaks the results it generated into eight different categories: common, SEO, new, similar, short, extra, fun and mix. Once you have all of these categories filled with suggestions, you can then filter them even further based on domain extensions you are looking for, availability and maximum length of domain names. This site also boasts a startup company name generator, which is not something a lot of sites have.

As you long as you do the right research before you commit to a certain domain name generator to use, there really is no harm and no easier way for you to get the perfect domain name for your website, and by that we mean a domain name that will be both short and easy to remember, but also smart, original and catchy because that combination is the perfect one to give you the best domain name possible.


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