Business Manager
How It Works?

Have you heard of Facebook business manager? For those who haven’t heard of it, Facebook business manager is quite a beneficial tool if you own more than one ad account, if you need to pursue clients’ ads or pages separately and launch reports for them, or if your business uses Facebook for various services related to your company.

What is the Facebook Business Manager?

What is the Facebook Business Manager

Facebook business manager is nothing but another way to access advertising account and Pages. Launched in 2014, its main purpose is to make ad accounts and pages easier and safer to execute business related activities with clients. You can assume it as an “umbrella” to which pages and ad accounts works under.

This tool can help you create post, manage and report on several business-related assets, inclusive of your company’s Facebook pages or your Facebook advertisements. You can use business manager to allow partial or complete access to different employees, and can allot them various roles within the platform. In short, business manager is just a central hub to manage your business efficiently.

Does Facebook Business Manager differ from your Facebook account?

If you’re thinking that personal Facebook account and business account are same, you are wrong. In fact, the truth is they are not. Facebook Business Manager isn’t linked to your personal account in any case. Even, you don’t need to use your personal account to make use of Facebook Business Manager.

Facebook business manager will only show you business ad accounts, business pages, and social media analytics. It won’t offer you the newsfeed the way you view in your personal accounts and won’t notify you from your personal account ever.

How to Set Up Facebook Business Manager?

While setting up your Facebook business manager account, you should know that having a personal Facebook account doesn’t matter here regardless you have it or not. This is because Facebook business manager account is requires different setup. All it need is your email address and business name. The process is so easy that it will take merely couple of minutes.

  • First of all you will open the browser and go to, and click on the top right corner button “Create Account”.
  • When a pop-up screen appears, make sure to fill in your business name and then click on “Continue”.
  • Again, it will ask your email address. Type it into the box and tap on “Finish”.

5 Business Manager Analytics Functions You Should Know About

Being a business owner, you might want to choose a right solution. For this purpose, Facebook business manager define the outcomes. The tool let you know about its effect on sales and measures shifts in brand recognition.

Here are some helpful functions of Facebook business manager analytics.

Facebook Pixel

If you’re running ads on Facebook, Facebook pixel is for you. It will allow you to do these important things.

  • To create retargeting ads
  • To track how much sales you're making from Facebook ads

The moment you install the Facebook pixel on your website, it will link ads to conversions and reach out to people on Facebook after they’ve interacted with your website.

Facebook Pixel

Split testing allows you to try out different variables such as audience retargeting, ad placement, and creativity to find out what’s works best for you. You can use split testing to identify which ads are gearing towards the highest conversion rates and which aren’t.

Conversion lift

Another useful tool for you is conversion lift. It will ensure business owners that your ads are actually gearing towards conversions and sales.

Mobile SDK

It is especially designed for those businesses that use mobile app. The Facebook SDK is an easier way to connect your iOS app with Facebook platform. Via this functionality, you can see what actions people are taking within your business app, and utilize that information to improve ad campaigns across different devices.

Brand lift

If you want to see the impact of ads on your brand’s image, then you must use this functionality of Facebook business manager. For better results, you can optimize your ads.

Things to Know Before You Get Started with Business Manager

Before you decide to get started with business manager, you need to choose a page as primary page for the business. This primary page will allow access to other assets.

Wondering who should begin the procedure of forming business manager account? Well, the actual owner of the company should be doing this. That person can then forward certain rights to the proper admin. Also, it’s possible to create a business manager account for someone else, but it will also show that your profile created it.

Moreover, you should know that there’s a difference between requesting access to the assets between claiming assets. You can’t claim someone’s page or ad accounts to be a part of your business manager account. In case you claim them, Facebook won’t you allow to adjust then. It would become part of your business manager account.

Facebook Pixel

Pros of using Business Manager

No confusion between page admins and personal accounts

When you add your page to business manager, a gray bar will appear on top of your page. This particular feature keeps your Facebook business account and your personal account separated. This means you won’t be perplexed while publishing to your page.

Pages and ad accounts are accessible to agencies.

Business Manger makes the process of business execution easier and simpler. Being a marketer, you can request access to your clients and reveal the specific level of access you require such as “page/ad analyst”. After it, your clients will be notified via email. With just a single click, they can accept your request within business manager. Sounds easy? Well, you can do this for all of your existing and future clients. Thus, it depicts that process is quite scalable for your agency.


Business Manager is ideal for larger teams and marketing agencies. This tool is also much safer for securing Pages in case people have unique logins to the Business Manager.